Thank our Vets through the Grace For Vets Free Wash Program


Grace for Vets was founded in 2004 by a car wash operator who vowed to one day give back to military service after witnessing first hand severely wounded when he served.  The program began with only three washes participating and as now grown into an international program with 4 countries participating; Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA.

Last year 119,317 military service vehicles were washed through this program; that was a record breaking year.


Each Year on November 11th,  registered washes commit to giving a FREE wash to veterans and military service personnel in honor of their service to their country.

Who can participate:

  • Self Serve Hand Bay Operators
  • In-Bay Automatics
  • Exterior Washes
  • Full Service Washes

Self Serve Hand Bay and In-Bay Automatic operators sometimes ask, “how can I participate, I don’t have cashier’s or greeters at my location?”  It’s easy, many of these types of operators have reached out to their local Boy Scout Troops, High Schools, and even Veterans Associations requesting volunteers to help man their bays/stations to be able to give the FREE wash.  It’s a way they can give back and say “Thanks” as well.

Why Join:

  • It’s FREE to join
  • The gratification of being able to say and show your thanks for those that have served
  • PR for your wash.  It’s great PR for your wash
  • Shows your community involvement

How do I register : 

It’s easy, simply go to  Then click on the 2012 Register tab on the right.  Enter the information for each wash participating.

Once registered there’s templates you can use to help promote your washes participation.

What’s my requirement:

  • To provide the wash on November 11th
  • Report your wash totals to by November 24th

Total number of washes, from all participating washes are what’s reported, not individual wash totals.

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