Transform Your Cost Center
Into a Profit Center

Pay-back and return on investment for carwash upgrades and retrofits can vary significantly depending on the type of equipment selected to be installed. Installing high performance, reliable solutions are the key to guarantee success. With over 30 years of innovation and countless satisfied customers, the key to our success is simple. Our equipment cleans better, safer with less downtime. Superior performance in all three of these categories is why MacNeil car wash systems have such a great reputation as the most durable and dependable car wash systems and parts in the industry. Innovative, efficient and modern, our equipment is built to fit the needs of any professional car wash.

MacNeil has upgrade and retrofit solutions for existing tunnel operations as well as investors that need to bring a wash up to spec. With many options available, investing in quality equipment is as affordable as lower performance options. Contact us to explore the ‘why’ behind our unparalleled performance and reliability, and how you can become a proud MacNeil owner today.





MacNeil's Equipment Transformed
Glen Sheeley's Car Wash

Hear first-hand from Glen Sheeley on how upgrading to a MacNeil equipment drove better profits and customer satisfaction.