UK Car Wash Boss Needs Help Giving Away £10,000


car wash equipmentHere’s some feel good holiday news from the world of car wash equipment and car wash systems. A car wash boss wants help giving away a lot of money.

Last Christmas, businessman Arif Rehman gave away £10,000 to needy children and hard up pensioners. He liked it so much that he wants to do it again.

This time around, he’s calling on the people of Aylesbury to help him choose where the money should go.

“We should always be encouraging and motivating the less fortunate and reassuring them we are thinking about them,” said Rehman.

“I am doing this because together we can make that little bit of difference to someone’s life. The response I got last year was fantastic, I had many customers give me money and some have already done so again this year.”

Rehman has set up a Christmas and New Year suggestion box at the car washes, so people can nominate needy individuals or charitable groups

“If you know of anyone in the local area who really can do with a little help please pop in and put them forward in the suggestion box,” added Rehman.

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