Turn Car Buyers into Raving Fans! Part 1


How to leverage your dealership offerings to create customers for life

Why should a car dealership invest in an automatic car wash? For one, care car is part of the daily routine for car dealerships. When you drive onto a car lot, you’re always greeted with row on row of shiny cars. A dealership is the perfect backdrop for car wash success. In part one of this two-part series, we’ll look at the benefits.

Market to Market

In a market that’s shifting, it’s time to get creative and innovative with business solutions. Some dealerships have taken steps to secure their futures. They’ve turned an expense into a higher profit by investing in a quality car wash system which fosters greater customer loyalty and satisfaction. Set yourself apart from other dealerships by creating a better customer experience resulting in a stronger bottom line.

How will an express system benefit your car dealership? Let’s count the ways!

  • It will attract new customers to your dealership.
  • It will provide an additional service to your existing customers and help increase retention.
  • It will reduce the transaction time in service.
  • It will reduce the overall staff needed.
  • It generates additional revenue.

Sell the service

Dealerships often look to their service departments to help strengthen customer loyalty. A car wash facility provides an additional way to attract and retain customers, and some of the service customers eventually become new car customers when they are looking to add or replace a vehicle.

Dealers that have added an express wash have seen how bringing the service in-house instead of outsourcing helps attract customers, retain current customers, reclaim the revenue and reduce unnecessary staff.

In fact, Ford Motor Company released a study, and its findings showed that dealers who added an automatic car wash to their service increased their CSI scores by over 6%.

A car wash allows dealers to engage with their customers by bringing them to their property more frequently. As a dealer, you can also develop a loyalty program for car wash packages that grant both the dealership and service department more visibility with onsite signage and cross promotional offerings.

Next time we’ll explore the additional benefits of a car wash at dealerships. Interested in our products and services? Check out all we offer.