Tucson Car Wash Chain Gives People with Disabilities an Opportunity


automatic car washWhen you operate a tunnel car wash or automatic car wash, your staff drives your success. However, at Mister Car Wash in Tucson, their staff is a success the whole community can be proud of.

In recent years, Mister Car Wash has opened up their job opportunities to people with disabilities.

“They bring to the table this work ethic and attitude that really lifts the entire spirit of the crew,” said CEO John Lai.

State Representative Ethan Orr added, “Mister Car wash is exactly the type of company that Tucson needs.  They hire and support good employees and believe in our community.”

Mister Car Wash employs people like Eric Chehansky, who said, “It’s been positive for me, because I know I always do a good job.”

Right now, there are roughly 50 workers at seven local Mister Car wash locations who live with a disability. Overall, they operate in 13 states at 158 locations (126 car washes and 32 express lube centers) with over 4000 employees.

Lai says that it’s not about charity. These are hard working, grateful, and compassionate employees, who deserve an equal chance to make a living, and change their lives.

If you have any questions about operating a tunnel car wash or automatic car wash, please contact us any time.

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