Top 8 Ways Car Wash Owners Can Enhance their Business


Having a car wash business seems like a straight-forward venture. Many people have cars that need to be washed every now and then. However, since it sounds like an easy business to run, many people open one without any thought of the hungry competition. Here are some actions that you can take to make your car wash business stand out from the rest.


  1. Massage Chairs

Keep your customers relaxed while they’re waiting for their car to get washed. A great way to do this is by installing massage chairs. This can be a huge relief especially for customers who spend a lot of time driving everyday. Having massage chairs at your location will provide a way for your stressed out customers to relax, and they will soon look forward to visiting your business in more ways than one!


  1. Food Truck

A food truck is ideal for providing dining options to your customers. Owning a car wash business is already a lot to handle as an entrepreneur. Keep your focus and leave the food stuff to the experts. You’ll have plenty of food options to choose from depending on your demographics’ preference. This will entice passing cars to visit your business when they might not have otherwise considered doing so, and it will create buzz among foodies as well!


  1. Brewed Coffee

Almost everyone is busy these days so a good cup of joe is always appreciated. In addition to a food service, you can also sell high-quality brewed coffee to your customers. By the time their car wash service is done, they’ll remember you as that one place that doesn’t just wash cars, but also has great coffee.


  1. Convenience Store

A convenience store is another way to increase the profits of your car wash business. It doesn’t have to be a completely separate establishment. You can simply set up a small stall on the side that sells a little bit of anything and everything like candies, batteries, water, cigarettes, etc. It’s a great way for customers to kill time while waiting for their car to be washed.


  1. Laundry Shop

Another way customers can make good use of their time while at the car wash is doing their laundry. This is a relatively low-investment and will not only increase your ROI, but will provide your customers with a way to spend their time more efficiently.You just need at least one washer and dryer. If it becomes a hit, you can slowly add more. You’ll quickly become the go-to for customers who like to multitask.


  1. Partner with Established Brands

You can partner up with relevant car brands to amp up your car wash business’ amenities. For example, if you want to have specialty tires for sale, propose a partnership with your preferred brand. They’ll do more for your business than just a discount on inventory; they can reconstruct a part of your establishment to ensure it matches their brand identity.


  1. Truck-Friendly Car Wash

If you have abundant space in your establishment, consider opening your shop up to trucks too. Truck owners often have a difficult time looking for a car wash that accommodates their vehicle. Be one of their few options by providing enough space to wash their car.


  1. Kid-Friendly Wash

Parents are often plagued with hyperactive toddlers that can’t keep still. You can be that one kid-friendly car wash simply by setting up a play area where kids can busy themselves. This frees up parents from having to watch their child the whole time and allows them to socialize with other customers.


In Conclusion

There are so many ways to enhance a car wash business, and it can be tempting to undertake them all since they’re such great opportunities for more income. However, you only want to focus on a few specialties that align with your goals. If you take on too many, you might end up losing customers. Do some market research first to see what works and keep investing in the ones that set you apart from your competitors.

Contributed by Tim Setterfield


Which of these enhancements are you going to take on first? Share your thoughts in the comments first.