Top 5 Things to Optimize Your Car Wash Business’s Website


car wash business website

Getting to the top of any search engine’s results page takes more than just making a website and publishing it online. Here are the top five strategies you can implement to optimize your car was business’s website traffic.

1. Fresh Content Stream

Ensure that your website has a fresh content stream that is ongoing. Google’s most recent Panda update, 4.0, is weeding out websites that have stale content. One way to secure your site’s high page ranking is to add a blog. Your car wash business blog should be updated frequently with useful information that is relevant to the car wash business. A minimum of three new posts weekly is optimal.

2. Keyword Integration

You need to make a list of keywords for your car wash business. These keywords should reflect words that prospective customers would enter into search engine boxes when they are seeking car wash companies. When you integrate these keywords into your website content, the search engine spiders that crawl the Internet for relevant content will match customers’ keywords with those on your site, which will bring the customer to your website door.

3. Useful Content

Content on your blog or your service pages needs to be useful to customers. It should provide information that customers will want to read, in order to keep them coming back for more. For your car wash business, useful content might include:

  • How to Keep Your Car’s Finish Looking Shiny and New
  • Why You Should Take Care of Rust Spots as Soon as Possible
  • What is a No-Touch Car Wash?

These are all topics that car wash customers would be interested in.

4. Linking

Google and other top search engines give higher page rankings to websites that have relevant backlinks. One way to achieve this is to have someone from your car wash company write content for external sites, and then provide a link back to your car wash site in the article text. For instance, you or your employee could do an online interview with the International Carwash Association. In that article, your employee could reference your site and provide a link back to your website.

5. Quality Over Quantity

If you desire to incorporate these ideas, but don’t have a qualified employee on staff who is capable of producing a fresh content stream of blog posts, it’s best to outsource the task. You should always opt for quality over quantity. Google and other search engines are always trying to weed out poor content on the Internet. There are a multitude of online writing resources available at reasonable rates for business owners just like you who are looking for well-written web content.

Don’t rely on luck or word of mouth to get your website into the forefront of search engines. The higher your page ranking is, the better your odds are of capturing the biggest online audience possible for your car wash business.

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