Our Top 3 Car Wash Tunnels to Help Your Business Grow


car wash tunnelAll small businesses are always looking at ways to add revenue or cut costs to boost the bottom line. For many enterprises, the perfect solution could be tunnel car wash systems from MacNeil Wash Systems.

Our car wash tunnel systems are perfect for:

-Retrofitting older installations
-New installations at washes operated for profit
-Fleet vehicle yards
-Automobile dealerships

Tunnel wash systems from MacNeil are available in different sizes and vehicle capacities. Three of the most popular systems from the Express line include:

The 85′ Express

The designator of ’85’ refers both to the length of the wash and the per hour vehicle capacity. The included RG-440 conveyor is one of the most reliable and safest in the industry.

With nozzles specifically designed for each application, your customers will get better coverage during the pre-soak, and top, side, wrap-around, high and low side brushes clean vehicles gently and thoroughly.

High pressure wash and rinse mechanisms continue the process before the car heads into the dry and shine station. There are applicators available to work with virtually every chemical available for today’s car wash systems.  Value add-ons are available for tire and wheel treatments.

The 100′ Express

This is built to fit into a one hundred foot length car wash tunnel and handle up to one hundred vehicles per hour. The system includes all of the same configurations of the 85′ Express. However during the course of a ten hour day at full capacity, it adds the revenue stream from 150 more vehicle washes daily. This also means more than a thousand additional washes on a seven day per week operating basis.

The included Tech 21 Drying System can be ordered with fixed, flip, or smart nozzles. Or you can get a combination to your specifications for complete control over the drying process.

The optional Smart nozzles are completely programmable for multiple positions, 360 degree swivels and time delay. The Tech 21 System is available in different horsepower configurations, and touch free drying adds to a clean, open tunnel system.

The 150′ Express

For maximum capacity in a car wash tunnel wash system, the 150′ Express system is capable of handling over 10,000 vehicles on a seven day, ten hour per day operating basis. With a conveyor available in electric or hydraulic drive modes, your efficiency and capacity will increase significantly. RS-701 Superflex Wraparound Brushes increase your profitability by reducing the need for manual prep work. Controlled cleaning pressures provide effective cleaning regardless of conveyor speed.

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