Texas Carwash Uses Solar Panels and Recycled Water

How can you make your carwash equipment "green?"
How can you make your carwash equipment “green?”

We’re always the first to congratulate businesses that find “green” ways to use automatic carwash systems or carwash equipment.

This week, we would like to salute The Arbor Car Wash & Lube Center in Arbor, Texas. Earlier this month, it was reported that David Swenson, the chain’s owner, uses solar panels and recycled wash water at his five locations.

“When you see [Lake Travis] almost turning into a mud puddle, it’s pretty discouraging,” Swenson told ImpactNews.com.

“And waste of any kind is never good for business.”

He also added that Arbor Carwash facilities don’t have connections to the sewer and instead use a drain field system.

The water they use to wash local cars is reclaimed and run through a process to clean it, so they can use it again and make sure nothing is wasted.

“It’s not drinkable, but it sure can be used to wash cars,” Swenson said.

In 1997, Swenson purchased Splash and Dash, a car wash located in the Arboretum, and rechristened it Arbor Car Wash. He then made it a family business and brought on his wife and three daughters to help operate the business.

If you have any questions about automatic carwash systems or carwash equipment, please don’t hesitate to contact us any time.

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