Three Surprisingly Affordable Small Business Ideas


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Small Investment, Solid Profits

The saying goes that it takes money to make money.  But not all small business ideas require a significant investment of capital to begin. Many small businesses need more hustle and initiative than cash to get started.  Especially if you already own a car wash.

For business owners already established in a stable enterprise, creating another stream of revenue takes advantage of the fact that you already have facilities that can host another small business.  As well as a reputation as an established owner-operator. The following trio of affordable small businesses allowing anybody interested in owning and operating a business to open their own window of opportunity … without having to get a second mortgage.

Vending Machines and Kiosks

A variety of different vending machines and automated kiosks provide the public with goods and services on demand. From drinks, snacks and sandwiches to movies, electronics and video games.  These machines offer the chance to earn a nice profit on the side without a large investment in capital or effort.

As with any business, it’s all about the location. Placing the right types of vending machines and kiosks in a conspicuous, well-trafficked area ensures that potential customers see desired goods that are conveniently available for quick pick-up.

Convenience Stores

This small business idea works particularly well for those who own a car wash.  Piggybacking off pre existing facilities to blend seamlessly into the overall day-to-day of the wash. You don’t necessarily need a lot of space to start a small convenience store.  Nor do you need to carry a large inventory. At minimum, all you really need is a small room with a window.  This allows customers to give you money for popular snacks, beverages and tobacco.

Car Detailing

Opening a car detailing small business is the natural extension of owning an automated car wash. Those who visit your wash consist of your main demographic. People conscientious enough to visit a water-conserving car wash are more likely to be interested in making sure that their vehicle receives the extra care that detailing provides inside and outside the vehicle.

The equipment needed to run a car detailing business requires very little money compared to start-up costs for most other small businesses.

These three small businesses are relatively inexpensive ideas to implement well, regardless of your status as an owner of a car wash. For those who already own car wash facilities, these ideas present an easy way to diversify your revenue stream, increasing the profitability of your business.

Time to Re-invest in Equipment?

Your car wash’s equipment is what will keep your clients coming back and telling friends. This is where Macneil Wash Systems can help.
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