Summertime Car Wash Magic


Warm summer days can sometimes cool down profits. In the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, customers sometimes turn to washing their cars in their own driveways or hitting up a charity car wash. There’s plenty of competition.

Drive traffic to your car wash location with our hot summer tips.

Let’s get visible

Get outside! Connect with your local community. Attend a street party or barbecue or host one of your own. Take the time to attract new customers with an introductory offer and thank your regulars.

Step up to the plate

Sponsor local teams or fund raise for a local charity event or non-profit. It will help you gain exposure with branded apparel, event banners and online communications. When you are visible, you’ll also be top of mind when it comes time for a customer to make a purchase.

National treasures

The summer is a great time to launch specials and promotions. Try out a national theme or take advantage of a national holiday to create a special offer.

Position yourself purposefully

Summer is a great time to promote some of your service options that will help a car look its best. In the winter, it’s tough to stay on top of the salt and grime on our windshield. In the summer, a mottled windshield is much easier to see, so advertise your streak-free rinse options. Tires are bogged down by ice or grime in the cooler months. Advertise your tire and wheel cleaner.

Bright light can fade or dull the shine of a car’s paint job. It’s a great time to promote protection services, such as UV protectants and waxes.

In every season, we’re here to help your tunnel car wash thrive. Contact us any time.