Summer loving─ Get the most out of your automatic car wash


Summer. After the mad rush for the car wash rinses away the last traces of spring dirt, the hot summer months can sometimes cool down profits. Your automatic car wash faces a lot of competition. Customers often urn to leisurely washing their own cars in the comfort of their own driveways or hitting one of the many charity car washes in the community.

Make the most of the warm weather with our hot tips to help drive summer traffic.

Strategic advertising

Advertise. Out of sight is out of mind. Use local resources, like community newspapers and keep your social media campaigns updated regularly. Research where competitive car wash systems are advertising and look for additional opportunities for unique exposure.

Create curb appeal

It’s all in the details. The slower seasons provide you with the time to review your property.  Review your site and property and ensure it has that well maintained look. Asphalt should be clean and black with sharp painted lines. Power wash concrete. Make sure landscaping is watered and has been neatly trimmed. Each and every detail adds to curb appeal and enhances the image of a clean, professional and efficient operation.

Upgrade your equipment

Add value to your car wash by making sure your equipment is up-to-date and services the needs of your customers. It can be as simple as upgrading nozzles to maintain consistency or adding a cool new feature to enhance processes. It will also give you an opportunity to advertise the new addition.

Give to your community

Explore sponsoring a local event where you can gain exposure on event banners or through online communications. Sponsor a local sports team. It’s a great way to make connections with local families and businesses and build relationships within the community.

We’re here to help your automatic carwash thrive in the summer months. Contact us any time.


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