Suck up the profits!


Basic vacuum know-how can help maximize returns

Wondering if vacuums are a necessity at a car wash?  The answer is YES!

With advancements in the vacuum category, like eye-catching arches and booms with innovative, user-friendly additions, vacuums are the perfect finishing touch after a car wash and are one of the top amenities that customers request. We asked our trusted vacuum partner, Vacutech, to offer some insight on what to consider when making an investment.

 Fresh features

The modern vacuum arch is eye-catching, but also pulls customers in with its unparalleled function. Newer arches boast fresh new features, like mat holders, and have built-in function to keep hoses off the ground, erasing the potential of trips and falls as customers wrestle with equipment.

A dual hose drop means that customers have easy access on both sides of the vehicle, so they no longer need to drag the hose from place to place. Dual hoses also mean two people can vacuum the same vehicle simultaneously – a convenient time saver for your customers that also improves the efficiency of moving patrons through the lot.

Other features that add fabulous function include vacuum tools, like crevice tools, garbage and recycling bins, and air lines.

Light bright

Don’t limit your LED lighting to your wash bay. It’s also an important add-on in the vacuum area. Not only is LED lighting cost-efficient, it adds great visibility, which helps increase security and makes your vacuum site safer to use any time of day.

It provides adequate light for customers, but it also allows you to use colored lighting that falls in line with your branding and marketing. Consistency is key when building a brand, and creating cohesiveness, even with your lighting color choices sends a message to your customers that you are invested in your business.

Give me some space

It can be tough to determine how many vacuums are enough. It’s important to pay attention to the space you have, and any land constraints that might cause bottle necks or poor traffic flow.

Partner with a trusted manufacturer to help maximize the lot space and equip it with the right number of vacuums for a great return. Too few can lead to traffic flow issues, and too many will stand empty. One important aspect to consider is the space between vacuums. Make sure you leave enough to allow customers to open their doors and navigate the radius of their vehicle without colliding with another customer.

Ready to add more profit to your car wash? We can help customize a solution that works for you.