CleanTouch Specialty Products

The most important thing you can do as a business owner is treat your customers well, so why not deliver them some extra value while you’re at it? CleanTouch specialty products help to enhance your customers overall experience and give you the peace of mind that they will be happy to return!

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Product NameDescriptionFeatures
Citrus Clean High-Pressure DetergentSpecifically formulated for use through high-pressure wands found on self-serve equipment and tunnel arches. The detergent is highly concentrated for lower costs per wash. It is an effective wetting, cleaning and high foaming product when used at a high dilution ratio.• Safe for all vehicles
• Will not strip wax off vehicle surfaces
• Lemon scented
Extreme CleanExtreme-Clean is a 4-in-1 alkaline cleaner. It is a very effective bug remover and a wheel, tire and engine cleaner. • Hard water compatible
• Safe to use on all vehicle surfaces
• Effective cleaning with hot or cold water
Wall CleanerCleanTouch Wall Cleaner is highly concentrated, non-corrosive, acid-based cleaner that is as effective as hydrochloric or hydrofluoric-based wall cleaners, but much safer to use. Its formula minimizes corrosive effects on aluminum and stainless steel. • Safer than Hydrofluoric-based wall cleaners
• Minimizes discolorization on metal surfaces
• Safe for wash equipment
• Will not etch glass
Rust InhibitorWhen used with wash equipment that has an under-car application, Rust Inhibitor helps protect the underbody of vehicles against the formation of rust due to exposure from the elements such as road salts and moisture. Regular use of Rust Inhibitor will help minimize the effects of corrosion on the car's underbody. • Underbody rust formation protection
• Reduces exposure to road salt and moisture
Reclaim AdditiveA safe and effective odor control agent and should be used at reclaim sites that experience occasional or constant reclaim odor. One gallon per day added directly to the reclaim pits will eliminate reclaim odor.