Servicing Your Car Wash


An investment to keep it clean and problem-free

A good car wash operator has a strong service plan in place, one that goes beyond the typical checklist that reminds you to check your nozzles, fill your fluids, and more. Take your service plan to the next level with practices that will decrease downtime and keep sales at an optimal level.

First, view your maintenance as a necessity, not an expense.

When you don’t perform regular maintenance in order to cut costs or save time, you are eliminating vital processes from your operations. When it becomes part of your practice, you are working to extend the life of your equipment and reducing the downtime due to a big repair.

Second, ensure that you take the manufacturer’s maintenance suggestions in account.

Train your staff on the preventative maintenance routine, and make sure they know not only how, but how often to perform upkeep. This can be anything from checking the tension on chains to inspecting roller wear. Consider investing in a service plan from your manufacturer to perform your maintenance routine. After all, they are the experts.

Third, buy quality equipment that simplifies maintenance.

If your current system constantly breaks down, it may not be the right one for you. Invest in equipment that will last long-term. When making a big purchase, ensure that you ask questions like the following: Does the manufacturer use non-corrosive materials? Is the machine designed to sustain repetitive use? Has the manufacturer used materials that limit premature breakdowns? A good manufacturer has invested in the research and development of its equipment to bring you product built to last.

Fourth, train your staff.

Send your staff to training, or have them watch training videos.  The College of Clean offers Tunnel Maintenance classes through out the year, and MacNeil Tech videos are available to watch on the MacNeil Website or their YouTube channel.

Want to know more? Connect with us. Our team have what you need to run a successful car wash.

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