Sell it with Signage


Sell it With Signage
Great signage is a key investment to a car wash marketing plan. Though a lot of car wash owners shy away from signage due its financial investment, great signage helps increase revenue and pays off over time.

What are the options?
With a wide variety of options, from building signs to A-frames to banners, it’s best to determine what the purpose of the sign will be before deciding what to invest in. Is it to attract passing traffic? Is it directing customers on your property? Is it to advertise a promotion? Knowing the purpose will elevate your investment.

How does signage elevate your business?
No matter what the size of your business, a sign sends the message that you are polished and professional. It conveys that your car wash is valued, and helps reinforce a customer’s decision to do business with you. It also enhances your overall aesthetic and solidifies your brand and image, and offers an easy way for customers to gauge what your business is offering.

How can you best implement signage?
Here’s a few things to consider when installing signage. First, consider the height of the placement. If a sign is to be placed at the entrance of a car wash, is it at a level that can be easily seen by your customer?

If it’s a directional sign, is it located strategically to enhance the flow of traffic? If it’s a promotion, is it visible from the road or entry to help customers make an informed decision?

Ensure your signage is cohesive and in line with your brand. Consider using your car wash colors, logo and other branding markers to create a seamless aesthetic.
Solidify your message. What are you trying to accomplish? Are you driving customers toward a bigger car wash package? Are you adding a sign to enhance their car wash experience as they go through the tunnel?

Check your surroundings. It’s always best to place signs where they won’t be obscured by trees, shrubs or permanent objects like light posts or an adjacent building.
Whether you want to light up your car wash with an attractive new sign, or add an additional car wash feature to elevate the customer experience, we’re here to help.