Seal and Protectant Solutions


Our line of surface sealants and super protectants are at the forefront of technologically advanced formulations designed to
provide superior results to your customer. All products are designed for use in self-serve, in-bay and conveyor applications.

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Seal and Protectant SolutionDescriptionFeaturesCompatibility
RainShield is a consistent best-performing surface sealant
product in the marketplace. It offers a long lasting protective
layer from all types of environmental elements including UV
rays and acid rain. Per use application cost is well below most
competitive products.
• Will not streak or smear on all vehicle surfaces
including glass
• Can be applied as either foaming or non-foaming
• Creates a glossy, non-stick surface
All wash equipment
Final-Shine is our newest product addition in our Seal &
Protect product line. It is specifically designed to provide a
superior scent and foam show when applied through foaming
applications. Its ultra-concentrated formulation allows for a
lower per application cost than comparable products without
effecting performance.
• Vivid yellow foam show – tropical fruit scented
• Free Rinsing
• Provides a protective layer on all vehicle surfaces
• For use in all competitive added services surface
sealant arches
All wash equipment
Ceramic Glaze offers a long lasting protective layer on all vehicle surfaces. It protects against all types of environmental elements. Ceramic Glaze lasts up to 45 days once applied to the vehicles surface.• Lasts up to 45 days
• Allows insects and bird droppings to be removed from the vehicles surface easier
• Increases paint gloss
• Outstanding dry quality
All wash equipment