How Running an Event at Your Car Wash will Bring in the Business this Summer


car wash marketingWhen it comes to car wash marketing, event-running is a staple. If there’s one surefire way to make new customers take notice of your car wash business, it’s inviting them in an afternoon of fun.

How will running an event help your car wash marketing?

You may not be able to host an event with the same firepower as your local big businesses, but even a small crowd will win you more business.

It gives your business name exposure. Even if your event is entirely unrelated to washing cars, your business will still be known as the event’s driving force. Believe it or not, even something as simple as this is an effective advertising technique.

It also lets you address your specific target audience. The people who show up do so because they’re interested in the event that you’re offering. Especially if the event requires an admission fee or charges for the activities.

You speak with your potential customers face-to-face, rather than from the other side of the service desk. Get to know them as people, not as walking dollar-bills. This establishes a rapport. From then on, the customer feels like they know you on a personal level and are more inclined to trust your business with their money.

How do I run a good event?

The ingredients to any good event depend on the type of event you’re choosing to run. However, there are definitely a few common denominators to work with, including but not limited to:

• Always start by figuring out your target audience and event goal. The target audience influences nearly every aspect of the event, like:

1. What sort of event you’re holding (a family day, for example)

2. The location

3. How much you charge to enter or participate.

Your event’s goal influences the sorts of activities or entertainment you offer. Do you want to improve customer loyalty, for example, or do you simply want to make money?

• Don’t be afraid to charge money to enter or participate. People aren’t afraid to pay a bit to enter an interesting event. From a car wash marketing standpoint, paid events imply a higher-quality product. This is something they’ll keep in mind when thinking about your business.

• Be sure to advertise for your event both in person (via sandwich boards, etc) and on social media. This is another tip for making your event look high-end.

• No matter what sort of event you’re hosting, be sure to serve some form of refreshments. Sodas and simple catered foods can go a long way in making sure your guests enjoy their time.

• Know your limits, both in budget and manpower. Nothing makes an event fall flat quite as quickly as being understaffed or noticeably underfunded.

All in all, don’t forget that your attendees are there to have a good time. If that doesn’t happen, they’re likely to leave prematurely.