MacNeil Featured Customer: SpeedWash - 150 ft tunnel - Langley, BC

Where it all Began

Before SpeedWash, Raj Aadmi, President and CEO of the Aadmi Group, wanted to build and design a world-class car wash that truly had a “WOW” factor. So, over the course of two years, Raj researched over two hundred car wash facilities in North America assessing all of their strengths. He also attended many car wash tradeshows and interviewed many different manufacturers before confidently deciding to partner with their authorized distributor Portwest Wash Systems on his car wash projects.


Location, Location, Location

As a seasoned real estate developer, Raj knew how lucrative the car wash business could be, and he also knew that the key to his success would be extensively researching and carefully selecting his potential car wash site.

After experiencing great success with their first SpeedWash location in Surrey, BC, in March 2016, Raj and his business partner decided to launch their second SpeedWash location in the heart of Langley, one of the most vibrant and fastest growing municipalities in BC's lower mainland. Their second SpeedWash location features a 120- foot tunnel express wash loaded with MacNeil’s full equipment package. Not long after it launched, SpeedWash quickly became regarded as the top car wash operator in the city and currently washes over 600 cars daily.


Go Big or Go Home

To take his car wash to the next level, Raj focused on three principles: SPEED, QUALITY AND PRICE. He wanted his tunnel to wash a high volume of cars quickly without sacrificing wash quality so he purchased MacNeil’s full equipment package which allows him to wash 116 cars per hour.

Installing high-quality equipment was a requirement for Raj. He explains in an interview, “MacNeil’s equipment is extremely well built. When we build, we build the best, we want a good ROI and we don't want to run into issues with our products. That is why we went with MacNeil.”

When we asked Raj what his favorite equipment was, he said, “ I don’t have a favorite piece of equipment, I love everything. I see my car wash as an orchestra; all the equipment works together to produce a beautiful clean, shiny, dry product in the end, every time."


Partnering with the Right Distributor

Raj explains that the partnership he had with his local distributor, Portwest Wash Systems, made the whole car wash project process very smooth. “Our distributor rep was there for us every step of the way, he clearly understood our business model and helped us achieve our goals."


Doing Things Right

The Aadmi Group aims to exceed customer expectations by offering them the latest and most advanced technology, the highest level of customer service, and above all, the best value.

SpeedWash prides itself on providing the best experience to their customers. Unlike many car washes, SpeedWash always has a couple customer service representatives on site at their 24/hour site to help their customers with whatever their car wash needs are.

Lastly, when looking at value, SpeedWash offers affordable packages- starting at $6.95 a wash. Raj explains, “We realized that we don’t need a membership program because our pricing is affordable and customers just keeps coming back.” He highlighted that the feedback from their customers is fantastic. SpeedWash even has a customer video testimonials page on its website. 

In regard to marketing for the site, Raj wanted to ensure that SpeedWash has a strong marketing presence and is well-known in the community. Raj hired a marketing team to look after social media, radio, and video ads. The team also runs community charity events and fundraisers.

Whats Next?

Raj is very pleased with how his locations are running and is looking forward to opening four more locations in British Columbia over the next 5 years! Stay tuned.