Repeat Customers ─ 3 Ways to Keep Them Coming Back


With a car wash on practically every block, your car wash needs to differentiate itself by creating a positive, memorable experience to create a following of satisfied, loyal customers. Check out three simple ways to help generate repeat customers.  Make your tunnel car wash the go-to choice.

Know your customer

You are the face and voice of your car wash business. Add a personal touch makes customers feel valued, welcomed and appreciated. It’s as easy as remembering a person’s name, the kind of car they drive or anticipating a regular order. The smallest personal touch can create a big impact.  Your customers will be sure to share what’s memorable and what they remember.  Word of mouth is a powerful source.  If you can provide a positive first impression, you’ll be sure to turn those first timers into repeat customers.

Be high maintenance

Is your equipment clean, modern and consistent? Do you deliver a dry, shiny car each and every time? Does your equipment have the power to handle peak wash volumes? If your customers are confident that they’re receiving a top-notch service, they’ll be sure to turn into repeat customers and keep coming back for more.

Deliver a reliable, quality service.  Offer a reasonable price and it will build confidence with customers.  It builds a cornerstone to keep them coming back again and again.

Add value

Are you offering solid ways to keep your customers coming back? Something as simple as a sincere thank you can create a warm welcome and encourage another visit. Offer loyalty programs and incentives as a thank you to your repeat customers. Start a stamp card program that allows customers to earn a free car wash after a number of stamps. Use technology and social media, such as a website or Facebook, to your advantage. In today’s world, the ability to send email updates, coupons and promotions is just a click away.

We’re here to talk about your automatic carwash or automatic carwash equipment.  Contact us anytime!  We’re here to help you!


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