How to Reduce Noise and Cut Costs at Your Carwash


It is actually possible to cut back on both the noise your automatic carwash system makes, while cutting costs at the same time.

PowerLock Energy Saving Air Valve

Consider adding the PowerLock Energy Saving Air Valve. It reduces harmful noise frequencies by 3-5dB when engaged, creating a safer and less noisy environment.

It also restricts airflow between vehicles. The fans can continue to operate while decreasing dryer motor horsepower by over 50%. This can save you up to 30% on both your peak-billing charges, as well as on your overall electricity use.

The PowerLock Energy Saving Air Valve is ideal for both retrofits and new sites, with quick and easy installation for minimal downtime. So you start seeing the savings immediately.

It’s also extremely intuitive for multiple types of vehicles. For example, it engages to eliminate air flow when drying an open bed pickup truck, which stops dirty water and debris from being blown out of the bed onto the next vehicle or into the bay or dryer nozzle. At the same time, it’s programmable to shut down for soft-top convertibles.

Wondering where else you can save money with your automatic carwash? Ask us what type of equipment can work for you.

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