Location, location, location! How to choose a great spot for your car wash business


car wash locationOne of the most important factors when planning a car wash is choosing a location. Is there space to handle volume? Room for an entrance and an exit? The ability to expand? There’s lots to consider before picking a location. If you’re in the process of opening your business, consider these factors before settling on a car wash location.

Location, location, location!

Access: Is the car wash location on a corner?  Is it close to traffic lights? More than one entrance or exit? Is there enough room to handle the overflow of cars on a busy day?

Visibility:  Is the location visible from the road? Is it visible from both directions of traffic?

Competition: What businesses are around your possible location? Do they compete with you? While you might initially believe competition is a bad thing, some professionals disagree. The theory is that competitors who already exist in the desired area most likely did the research before settling there, meaning it must be a good location. They’ve also spent money to advertise and drive potential customers to the spot. Greg Kahn, founder of Kahn Research Group, puts it this way: “Foot traffic is obviously important, but landing the ‘perfect’ customer is far more crucial. By being in close proximity to your competitors, you can benefit from their marketing efforts.”

Growth: Once your business is up and running, you may want to expand. Plan for  the long term. Is there room for new additions or retrofits?

Safety: It may seem obvious enough, but appearances can be deceiving. Do your homework. Spend time in the area. Is it well-lit? Is there a lot of traffic and foot traffic? You and your staff should feel safe at work.

Supplies: – You’ll likely need access to parts, car wash equipment, and repairs. Is the location close to your suppliers?

Financials: Consider your expenses. Does the location require a new build or renovation? What is the rent and taxes? What will you be paying your employees?

Local laws: Don’t forget to research zoning regulations and any operating restrictions for the location you’re considering.



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