Why People Don’t Wash Their Own Cars Anymore


It used to be a tradition on spring and summer weekends to see people outside with hoses, buckets and sponges, cleaning their cars. However, this custom is becoming a relic of days gone by.

What might be bad news to people who enjoy nostalgia is good news for car wash owners. Learn more about why people aren’t washing their own cars, and how you can capitalize on that trend.

Changes in Parking Regulations

For people that have driveways, they automatically have a place to wash their cars. Not everyone has that luxury, though.


Changing municipal parking regulations mean that if you don’t have a parking lot, or a designated parking space, you won’t have a place to wash your car… aside from your local car wash.

Water Restrictions

In drought-stricken areas, the idea of spraying gallons and gallons of water over your car with a hose is horrifying. Many municipalities have placed restrictions on how much water households can consume.

As a result of these restrictions, spending time on a warm afternoon washing your car in your driveway isn’t an option. You’ll have to take it to a car wash in order to get it clean.

How Car Washes Can Capitalize

The factors which prevent people from washing their cars at home are the very things that can lead to a car wash being successful. Smart car wash owners must know how to capitalize on the trend of people no longer washing their cars in their driveways.

Research the municipal parking regulations in your area to determine where your target audience is. Once you’ve identified an area of homes without driveways, launch a marketing campaign that will appeal to these people. Consider offering a special rate or promotion that will attract customers who don’t have the space to wash their own cars.

Car wash owners operating in drought-stricken areas must face the challenge of succeeding in the face of water restrictions. Staying in business means being adaptable. Water reclamation systems reuse water used during each car wash. Installing a water reclamation system saves a car wash money. Also, it’s good for the environment. Furthermore, it’s a great way to attract customers.

Consumers are very aware of the environmental impact of their actions, and they want to be customers of companies which feel the same. Using a water reclamation system shows them that you care about the planet.

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