Can Online Reviews Hurt Your Car Wash?


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When you’re looking for a restaurant, you read the reviews before you go to find out how good the place is.

Do people do the same for car washes? As it turns out, they do. People are interested in reading reviews about all kinds of businesses. They want to know how the experience was, so they can either replicate it or avoid it. Can these online reviews hurt your car wash? Not necessarily. Read on to learn about what you should know about online reviews.

Fake Reviews

As a small business owner, you might be tempted to take matters into your own hands and publish a review under a fake name. This isn’t a good idea.

First of all, review sites such as Yelp can identify fake reviews. If you post too many fake reviews, Yelp will flag your site. Second of all, if you’re caught, your credibility is tarnished.

Bad Reviews

Not all online reviews are fake. There are many reviews which are written by customers who have actually purchased a good or service, and they want to express how they felt about it.

These customers might be genuinely unhappy with their experience at your car wash. What can you do about it when they post a bad review? Reach out to the customer and ask him or her what you can do differently next time. Train your staff on the fundamentals of customer service.

There is such a thing as a bad review which crosses the line. If the customer is spreading lies about your car wash, you might be able to take legal action against him or her. Consult a lawyer to find out whether you have a case.

Taking Reviews with a Grain of Salt

Reviews can have some impact on your business. However, keep in mind that many potential customers don’t trust reviews.

Many consumers know that there are legitimate negative reviews. They also know that there are fake reviews out there, and that what one person finds irritating wouldn’t bother another in the slightest.

Spending too much time worrying about online reviews distracts you from your core business – washing cars. Focus on providing superb customer service, and the positive online reviews will follow.

Do You Want to Avoid Negative Car Wash Reviews?

If you want to avoid negative car wash reviews, you should invest in modern car wash equipment. Without the right equipment, your business won’t perform as well as it could, and some customers might turn to the internet to air their dissatisfaction. However, if you have the right equipment, your customers will not only praise your car wash business but also refer their friends to your car wash.

To learn more about what you need to thrive in the modern car wash industry, contact MacNeil to see our range of car wash equipment, and get a no-obligation quote to get your business ready for the future.

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