Know These Numbers Before Opening a Car Wash


opening a car wash business

Are you getting ready to open your own car wash? It’s a busy time for you – you have many decisions to make. You might still need to figure out where your car wash will be located.

Or, you could be in the process of selecting car wash equipment. Regardless of what stage you’re at, there are certain numbers you need to keep in mind. Read on to learn why it’s important to know your costs and estimated profits before you open your car wash.


One of the most important numbers you need to know before you open your car wash is your costs. “But how will I know my costs?” you may ask. “I haven’t even opened my business yet!”

Here’s how you calculate costs: add up how much you’re spending on the materials, equipment, labor, and building (whether you’re paying a mortgage or rent) that you’re using for your car wash. Don’t forget about taxes, either. The IRS certainly won’t.


The next number you need to know is your estimated profit. The term “profit” refers to the amount of money you earn subtracted from the amount of your costs.

How can you figure out how much money you’ll make after you’ve subtracted the costs of operating a business? You’ll need to do some research. This will involve speaking to other car wash owners about how many customers they get per year, and what’s a reasonable amount of traffic to expect at your own business.

Why Does It Matter?

Why are profit and costs so important? These numbers are the lifeblood of your business and crucial to know when opening a car wash business.

Your costs tell you how much you’re spending to operate your car wash, and your profit tells you how much you need to earn in order to keep your business afloat. Keeping your business afloat involves paying employees, buying supplies such as cleaning solution, paying taxes, and purchasing equipment for your car wash. Without any of those things, you can’t survive.

MacNeil Car Wash Systems: Your Trusted Source for Car Wash Equipment

Are you considering opening a car wash or have you just opened one? Call MacNeil Car Wash Systems at 1-800-361-7797. We have over 30 years of experience providing the highest quality car wash equipment to the car wash industry.

Our equipment provides a better clean than our competitors, and it’s lower maintenance, too. In addition, we’ve got the expertise to help our customers make their businesses incredibly profitable.


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