Never Make These Mistakes Buying Car Wash Equipment Again



Car wash equipment is an invaluable part of your car wash’s ability to service your customers. Not all equipment is top quality, and purchasing new equipment can be a difficult choice. If you make the wrong decision, it could cost you a lot of money. Even if your previously purchased equipment was expensive, you might not know how to avoid making the same mistakes.

Here are the things that you should avoid doing when buying new equipment:

Making the price your primary concern

Although you obviously want to minimize your overall expenses, you don’t want to be cheap with your new car wash equipment. Purchasing the wrong equipment will cost your business a lot more than the difference in initial cost between any two pieces of equipment.  The the price should only be a factor after you have chosen the best equipment for your car wash.

Not factoring in the equipment’s ability to do its job

As Scott Glover of Car Wash Business 101 said in a recent article, “Cleaning ability is the #1 factor” to consider when upgrading equipment. This is because no matter how great your car wash is at marketing, customer service, or other peripheral elements, the primary service that you provide is washing people’s cars.

In order to make sure that you deliver the best service, you need the best equipment for thorough cleaning. If you ignore this factor, you are likely to receive a spike in customer complaints about the quality of your service; these complaints, which will quickly spread, will damage your car wash’s reputation.

Make sure that you consider the equipment’s ability to do all of the following things:

  • Clean efficiently for faster quality service
  • Apply wax (if applicable)
  • Dry

Not considering how many resources the car wash equipment will use

If you aren’t careful, the cost of your water and car wash chemicals can become exorbitant. There are many ways to waste these precious resources, but in most cases, inefficient car wash equipment will be the primary culprit for water and chemical waste. That is why ignoring how efficiently the equipment uses them is a big mistake.

In the article mentioned above, Scott Glover discusses how doing this exact thing cost his car wash business tens of thousands of dollars.  His old equipment used used about 2 million gallons of water each year.  This forced him “to install a $55k water reclaim system and with the fresh water that is still required to put out a good product.” Even with this, his water and sewage bill is in excess of $2,000 each month.  Mostly thanks to inefficient equipment.

Interested in buying car wash equipment?

In order for your car wash to achieve maximum success, you need to buy the right car wash equipment. At MacNeil Wash Systems, we have assisted new car wash business owners choose the right car wash equipment.  We provide the same quality products and services to current car wash businesses who might be interested in upgrading to modern car wash equipment.

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