Mind the Menu


Serve up profits with a great car wash menu!

What’s on your menu? A great price board takes time and planning, and showcases your best-selling wash packages, up-sells and promotes the benefits of your wash programs.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so it’s important to provide options that make a customer feel confident when deciding. Too many choices can be frustrating, and customers may go with the first option they see.  Let’s explore what it takes to make a menu that sells:

The price is right
Clearly outline prices so customers can connect the value with the service they are purchasing. The top down method works well, with the cost-effective value package at the top so customers can see their savings.

Up sell by showing the value. For example, if your regular car wash is $12.00, also show the price they are paying if they buy into the wash program. Seeing that each car wash is $6.99 shows the customer what they are saving and nudges them toward buying into the program instead of a single wash.

Keep it simple
Too many choices muddy the waters. Not only does it create confusion, it also leaves room for doubt and buyer’s remorse. When customers are confused, they may choose a basic wash because they don’t know what else they want. Simple is best.

Prune the packages
To create a streamlined purchase process, consider creating three to five packages that combine the services that your customers most need, and place the rest of your offerings in an additional, a-la-carte menu.

So what information should you include in the menu? Package names, a description of services and pricing are all important components of any menu board. Be sure to show the customer what they are saving if they buy a bundle with the most popular car wash options. They will appreciate the value for the money.

Curb the creativity
Consider naming your packages with simple, easy to remember headlines. Something like ‘The Ultimate Wash’ or ‘The Gold Package’ allows your customer to immediately connect that what they are purchasing is top of the line service, whereas something like ‘The Show Stopper’ or ‘The Suds King’ does not.

Divulge the details
Provide a clear breakdown of each package so customers can see the value. If buying a package with a wax is saving them $4.00 as opposed to adding it a-la-carte, choosing will be an easy, stress-free experience.

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