Since the inception of its first location in Lubbock, Texas in 2012, Mighty Wash has thrived on its investment in service and brand identity. Outfitted with MacNeil equipment, all ten locations have identifiable features that customers associate with Mighty Wash quality. The vibrant blue roof, long bright tunnel, and Mighty Wash super-hero character are a familiar sight to West Texans. “Our goal is to ensure that patrons associate our brand with quality and continue to come to us for that reason,” explains Jay Wyatt, COO. Each location boasts an over 100-foot MacNeil express tunnel that sits on an acre of land.  Extensive research was conducted by the founder of the business, Mike Rice, whose vision was to create a carwash that he himself would feel comfortable taking his luxury vehicles through. “Mike was an advocate for technological advancement and went above and beyond to ensure that the business worked efficiently. This is one of the many key reasons we use MacNeil,” explains Jay. The beginning days for Mighty Wash were also filled with a great deal of trial and error to find the right mix of strategies that worked. “Early on we would stop doing certain things if they didn’t work. Essentially, we failed early at little things, learned from it, and made our business better.”


It’s no surprise that Mighty Wash’s first erected site is its most lucrative one to date considering that it sits at one of Lubbock’s busiest intersections. To maintain their customer base at this location especially, it was essential to have a competitive edge over the other carwashes within a close radius. The goal was to create a light, clean, damage-free tunnel experience with the highest level of customer service possible. “If you pull into any of our tunnels you can see all the way through because we do not use mitter curtains. We prefer the MacNeil top brushes which also reduce the chance of vehicle damage,” Jay assures. In addition to their successful carwashes, Mighty Wash expanded its business offerings with additional services at their Midland location. The site employs staff of ASE licensed technicians who offer an array of services including brakes, shocks, transmission flushes, oil changes, tire rotations and alignments. Having some sites with other services has also helped to increase overall business volume.


Choosing the right equipment manufacturer was straightforward for Mike Rice. He and Jay Wyatt (pictured left) were impressed with MacNeil and made the decision early on to go with them. Surprisingly, the twist in the story came years later after they had already built a successful business. “We had numerous sites already open and were thrilled with MacNeil quality and service when a pitch from a sales rep from a MacNeil competitor caught our attention. We decided to go with their product for one of our tunnels just to see the results. In about 90 days we realized we made a huge mistake. There were serious issues with the equipment and service after the sale was inferior to MacNeil support. We greatly missed our fantastic MacNeil service rep, Bobby West, of Twin Distributing, who always followed up on everything for us immediately,” explains Jay. The customer experience was not to the level that they were accustomed to with MacNeil and they learned not to mess with what works so Mighty Wash quickly returned to MacNeil equipment for their next four sites. In fact, they have an order placed for their next site in Andrews, Texas. Jay’s advice to others in the business or just starting in the field: “I can tell you from trying out the competition that MacNeil equipment is unmatched, and I’ll never switch again!”