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Three MacNeil Car Wash Partners Share Their Thoughts

Thinking about what our RS-701 Wrap-Around can do for your business?

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Occasionally, we like to share the feedback and content created by some of our resellers and partners. Today, where we’re sharing the love for our RS-701 SuperFlex Wrap-Around system.

If you’re looking for our corporate MacNeil info on the RS-701, here’s what we have on our website:

The RS-701 SuperFlex Wrap-Around is the gentlest, safest and most effective wrap-around you’ll find.  Its reliable performance has set the standard in the industry by providing excellent wash consistency at the highest of line speeds.

Product guide (PDF FREE download) for the RS-701 SuperFlex Wrap-Around, and product page on our website.

1) Thanks Auto Laundry News (CarWashMag.com) for your early mention of our MacNeil carwash systems!

“MacNeil products are engineered to provide superior cleaning performance, increased production, reduced maintenance, maximum cost savings and equipment longevity. All MacNeil equipment is backed by its focus on service excellence.

“The product lineup targets the needs of operators looking to enhance their existing wash or create a unique, top quality wash from the ground up.”

Starting with the industry-respected RG-440 conveyor, MacNeil tunnel systems include several innovative and patented products to produce a great cleaning result.

Their distributors have extensive experience in the car wash industry and partner with operators to provide customized support and service throughout the entire life cycle of owning and operating a car wash.”

2) Shout outs to J&M Car Wash Builders in New Jersey – our partners in distribution of MacNeil Car Wash Systems.

“Exclusive to MacNeil, MacNeil’s technology provides precision control of all wrap functions, allowing feather-light side pressures of less than 10 psi, while also incorporating pre-programmed pressure increases for full rear coverage at high line speeds. Because we have precise control of the wraps at all times, the SuperFlex delivers a superior clean to the entire vehicle.

With it’s extra reach, double coverage, and numerous safety features, the SuperFlex Wrap-Around produces a cleaner vehicle, delivers a quieter wash, significantly reduces manual labor, and promises safety – both to you and your customer – while helping car wash owners reduce costs and increase profits simultaneously.

Product Features

  • Envirosoft 2nd Generation foam; available in blue, red or black
  • Stainless steel hardware and bearings
  • Pro-Coat finish
  • Direct drive
  • Electric or Hydraulic drive
  • Cleans at line speeds of up to 150 cars/hour
  • Short shaft design
  • Available in standard arm length or long-arm for additional coverage
  • “No-Shim” leveling feet
  • Consistent, accurate brush control regulated by air pressure
  • MacNeil’s Wash Pro cylinders ensure longer product life and better performance
  • CCS-Mini control system included”

3) And last but not least, Thanks to Anything Car Wash in Kissimmee, Florida for sharing their enthusiasm for how the RS-701 SuperFlex Wrap-Around can help transform your business.


Production is all about processing volume while maintaining customer satisfaction and convenience. Customers benefit greatly from the increased throughput capability through the convenience of reduced waiting times during the peak wash periods.

This convenience is also a factor in the customer’s willingness to purchase an upgraded wash package, therefore increasing your revenues and profits for vehicles washed.

Production in the car wash business is geared toward processing the customer quickly and turning out a quality wash in the shortest period possible. The speed of MacNeil Tunnel Systems allows us to increase your wash production and maximize your profits.


MacNeil Tunnel Systems are designed and engineered for maximum profitability for the operator. Designed for minimum maintenance and longevity of performance, MacNeil Systems deliver on reliability and uptime. MacNeil Tunnel Systems are built for your bottom line because they combine the production capability with superior wash quality thus maximizing your up sell opportunities which maximizes your profits.

MacNeil and Anything Car Wash give customers the best of both worlds; greater wash throughput on busy days or times, high quality cleaning that increases customer satisfaction, minimal equipment related downtime, aftermarket services, customized equipment packages, a higher percentage of up sells with fewer rewashes and a safe, gentle wash that makes your customer’s vehicles look great without customer complaints.”

If you’re a MacNeil partner and want to be featured in an upcoming blog post or other item of online content we’re working to develop, let us know by commenting on our Facebook page or YouTube video account!

About the author: Debbie Horovitch is a 20-year advertising media veteran and SEO content producer currently working on her 1st book and training program for marketers using YouTube and Google+ Hangouts on Air, Celebrity Hangouts on Air. Debbie has been working with automotive and aftermarket marketing professionals and media, since 1996.


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