It Was Time to Convert to a Tunnel Wash

Brent Garrett, owner of Xtreme Clean Auto Spa in Gainesville, Georgia, knew when the time was right to upgrade one of his touch-free washes to a tunnel. “I needed to wash more cars per hour and customers were complaining about other tunnels in town having poor quality and damaging their cars. They wanted the level of clean you get from a tunnel, but safe,” Brent said. He set out to find a tunnel car wash that would meet these needs.

MacNeil Fit the Bill

When researching several tunnel washes, Brent was impressed by what he saw from MacNeil.

“The biggest thing about MacNeil is the reliability of the equipment and how well it cleans the cars.” He also considered safety a deal-breaker. A competitor’s equipment actually broke on his truck when he was testing it. So finding a car wash that wouldn’t damage his customers’ vehicles was a priority.

Brent said he also wanted a car wash that would be easy to maintain. “I’m a hands-on operator and that’s another reason I wanted a MacNeil. It’s so easy to operate and nothing goes wrong.”

“I would not consider any other wash except a MacNeil.”

--Brent Garrett, Owner

Xtreme Clean Auto Spa, Gainesville, Georgia

“I think MacNeil makes really great equipment and everyone should consider them. They’re easy to work with and it’s nice knowing they care. MacNeil is a great company that puts out a great product and I wouldn’t use any other company.”

Exceeding Expectations

Brent says his In-Bay Express has not only met, but exceeds his expectations. “Customers say to me all the time ‘this is the best car wash in town.’”

Since converting to his In-Bay Express, Brent has seen his numbers climb. He’s now washing 150 – 200 cars every day, where before he wasn’t even washing 100 some days. These numbers are translating into increased revenue. “Every year has increased since I put in the MacNeil—last year we saw the biggest increase of 20 percent,” he said.

Brent is also saving money with his MacNeil car wash. “We use less chemicals and water than we did with the old touch-free. We’re running a ton more cars through and my water bill is lower. My chemical usage per car is probably 35 percent lower.”

High Quality vs. Competitors

“Customers come to my wash because we clean cars better than any tunnel in town. There’s a night-and-day difference between the clean the MacNeil does versus the clean they’re getting at competitors with lesser-quality equipment.” He continued, “We don’t have to prep cars … the MacNeil cleans and polishes at the same time. That’s one thing I really like. I can get some really bad-looking paint jobs looking really good after a few washes.”

Brent was impressed with the In-Bay Express’s ability to safely get his black truck clean. “When I feel safe putting my black Tahoe through, I feel good having my customers bring their cars through.” He added that he’s had other car wash owners bring their black cars through his wash because their equipment couldn’t get them clean.

Brent likes that his wash offers more cleaning time for a more thorough clean. He washes 50 cars per hour, but they only come through once instead of going through twice as they often need to at the competitors’ washes.


Durability and Easy Maintenance

Brent also said he sees business come his way when other nearby washes have broken down. In the three and a half years he’s been operating his In-Bay Express, he said he’s had maybe only a half day of downtime. “I only have to do general maintenance and tend to normal wear and tear. The MacNeil is SO easy to maintain and with it being totally electric, I don’t have to worry about downtime due to hydraulics maintenance.”

Safe Equipment

Brent told a story of a customer he had going through his touch-free wash. “The guy was going through the touch-free and I told him to go through the Express to get his car really clean. He was afraid to go through because of past tire damage from a tunnel wash. I talked him into trying it and now he’s a monthly club member.”

Brent sees a lot of vehicles come through each day as people know where to go for a safe and thorough wash. “Every day I hear how good my wash does. It speaks volumes that people put their expensive vehicles through.”

Brent’s Favorite Features

Two of Brent’s favorite features in his In-Bay Express are the Gloss Boss and the Wheel Boss. His customers are big fans, too. “Customers just love the tire shine. They tell me, ‘I’ve never had such a good tire shine like what I get at your wash, even by hand.’”

He says he can tell by their tires if customers have gone to another wash. “I know that you didn’t use my Gloss Boss,” he’ll tease them.

Brent says his customers also really like the top brush on his MacNeil. “Customers love how well the top brush works and how clean their windshields come out. The top brush cleans so much better than a curtain.”

Brent Garrett Recommends a MacNeil

“I offer a premium wash, and the MacNeil equipment is quality all the way. I looked at every single competitor, and there’s just no comparison. It’s built to last, simple to operate and has given me zero problems. The engineering is flawless and so are the results.”