Jiffy Lube & Suds Donates Over $123,000 to Canadian Cancer Society


Automatic car wash equipmentWe’re always thrilled to tell you about great fund raising activities by people who offer car wash equipment or automatic car systems. This week, we would like to give a shout out to Jiffy Lube & Suds locations across the Province of Ontario, Canada.

Jiffy Lube has came through in a big way for the Canadian Cancer Society’s Drive Hope Program. They raised over $123,000 at Jiffy Lube & Suds Car Wash locations across the province, with over $4,200 of that coming through the local shops.

“We knew our customers would support the transportation service and we believe it’s our responsibility as well to give back to the communities we operate in,” said Dianne Hinds, Director of Marketing for QLO Management Inc. and Suds Car Washes.

Drive Hope provides transportation to get cancer patients to and from appointments. In 2012, the Society’s team of volunteer drivers drove approximately 13 million kilometers throughout Ontario.

These drivers helped more than 15,000 cancer patients get to and from their life-saving appointments. Many patients who use the program say that they would miss their appointment if it weren’t for the Society’s support.

If you have any questions about car wash equipment or automatic carwashes, please don’t hesitate to contact us any time.

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