Why In-Bay Express Wash Conversion Will Go Head to Head with Your Competitors


in-bay express wash conversion

No matter what business you’re in, you strive to be successful by servicing more customers in a timely and cost efficient matter, that’s just good business.  The goal is to provide a better service and more options than your competitors to ensure that you are getting a bigger share of the market.  The car wash industry in no different, we aim to save money by reducing staff, servicing more vehicles and using less supplies and water.

One of the best ways to stay ahead of your competition is to consider switching to an in-bay express wash. Upgrading your car wash equipment can mean the difference between mediocre sales and thriving.   Just keep in mind, you will need a minimum of 35 feet, we’d prefer at least 50 feet,  in order to successfully accommodate the conversion and new car wash equipment.  Keep in mind, the longer the bay, the more services you can offer and each service upgrade will mean additional revenue.

Benefits of In-Bay Express Wash Conversion

If you’re considering an in-bay express wash conversion, there are numerous benefits that could produce bottom-line results for your business.  Some of these benefits include:

  • Save on payroll, there’s no need for an on-site attendant.
  • The car wash can remain open 24/hours a day.
  • The in-bay express wash can accommodate 45-50 vehicles in an hour, up from the typical 20 per hour.
  • The typical conversion only needs about 35 feet of bay space.
  • The installation expense can be very cost effective and can be accomplished with minimal down time.
  • Lower water and chemical usage.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • If you decide to convert to an in-bay express wash, some construction and car wash equipment will be required, because of the underneath conveyor, you need to make sure that the other support structures will support the additional construction requirements.
  • If your site hadn’t been previously prepared for it, you will need to dig a trench to accommodate the conveyor required to move the vehicle through the wash.
  • You will need between 3-5 feet to accommodate the conveyor for loading vehicles onto the track.  This particular need is often forgotten as most car wash purveyors only consider the needs of the actual in-bay express wash and not the reconstruction that must occur before the vehicle begins the cleaning process or enters the drying process.
  • You may also need to upgrade some car was equipment such as the user interface  so you can offer upgraded services on the express rollover.  Do not skimp on the user interface system, because this is where you have the opportunity to make more money when customers upgrade their services.
  • Additional car was equipment and arches will be needed but you will be able to offer a whole new list of features including wheel  rocker panel cleaners, pre-soak and rinse arches, clear-coat sealer/protectant arch, surface sealant arch, rinse arch, drying, spot-free rinse arch, tire cleaning equipment and a high-pressure dryer.

Additional Services Mean Additional Revenue

One of the biggest advantages to upgrading to an in-bay express wash is the fact that customers have the opportunity to choose the wash services they want.  According to a recent article in Modern Car Care, around 25 % of customers choose additional services when they come in for a normal wash package.

In the car wash industry, it’s important to stay ahead of your competitors, switching to an in-bay express wash conversion may be your answer.

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