Ultra-concentrated formulas from CleanTouch. Experience the difference that Hyper-Series formulas can make for your tunnel car wash. With these concentrated formulas, your tunnel system will reach its peak performance! See the bottom of the page to sign up for our FREE TRIAL!

Hyper-Series FormulaHyper-Series Formula
Specially formulated detergent provides copious amounts of rich, white cleaning foam. White Foam also has enhanced wetting agents and lubricating properties to facilitate better cleaning properties. Available in low and neutral pH.Heavy-duty alkaline multipurpose
cleaner is designed to
break down the toughest road
film, dirt and grime to produce
outstanding clean vehicles. It’s
also effective at removing
brake dust and organic soils
producing sparkling wheel
rims and clean tires.
Industry leading surface sealant
for gloss and water repellency
—protects cars from rain,
sleet, snow and UV rays.
This ultra-concentrated,
polymer-fused formulation
provides a protective layer for
all clear-coat surfaces. It lasts
longer than traditional waxes
and protectants for a cleaner
looking car, longer!
Non corrossive low pH pre-soak
formulation easily removes
inorganic soils, containments
and solids leaving behind a
brilliant shine on glass and
chrome surfaces.
Our most popular drying agent
is now even more concentrated!
Wax Luster makes vehicles’ colors
more vibrant, reduces windshield
smudging, enhances water-beading
and leaves a bright, shiny finish.