Helping Your Car Wash Leave a Smaller Carbon Footprint


Is there such thing as an environmental car wash? Or a green one?

With all of the discussion about climate change and carbon footprints, many businesses are trying to go green. The car wash industry is no exception, and many car wash owners are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

Fortunately, opportunities to go green are everywhere. Car wash owners just need to know where to look. The businesses that really stand out focus on customer service and green technology.

The Problem with Your Carbon Footprint

Most of the major news outlets talk about water because it has a dramatic impact on the environment. In many areas of the world, there is not enough water.

However, water quality is another topic that is frequently talked about. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of environmental issues associated with car wash businesses.

The biggest problem that car wash owners face is water control, but there is a solution.

New technology makes it easier to recycle water used by a car wash. There is also technology that removes pollutants from the water.

Here are a few solutions:

Going Waterless

At a glance, this title might seem misleading. It’s probably difficult to imagine how a car wash can function without using water. However, the title refers to using steam. Most car washes use nearly 42 gallons of water to wash a single vehicle. This new technology can reduce the amount of water needed to clean a single vehicle to less than one pint.

Wastewater Technology

All traditional car washes suffer from the same problem. They produce a significant amount of wastewater. This water can cause harm to the surrounding environment because it contains cleaning chemicals.

A typical car wash will use thousands of gallons of water on any given day, and most of this water contains several cleaning agents. Fortunately, there is new technology capable of recycling wastewater. Car wash owners can sleep better at night because they are not harming the environment.

It’s not too difficult to equip a car wash with a wastewater system. This technology is capable of recycling nearly every drop of water that is used by the car wash. The water is constantly filtered and ready to use.

A wastewater system can be quite expensive. But car wash owners can recoup their investment in several different ways.

First, they feel better knowing that they’re not contributing to environmental issues. Second, they can attract many new customers because they’re able to advertise their business as a green car wash. And third, they will pay less money because most of the water that they use is recycled.

Green Chemicals

Many companies have created green cleaning agents. Car wash owners can purchase these cleaning agents and go green.

This environmental car wash movement is not a trend. Car wash owners who have decided to go green will continue to benefit from the decision.

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