Haunted Carwash Spooks Customers in Michigan

automatic carwash system
The sight you want to see at an automatic carwash? Only if it’s Halloween

It’s fun to see our carwash equipment and automatic carwash customers get into the Halloween spirit.

Earlier this fall, we told you about a Toronto-based carwash that turned into a “zombie carwash” for a day. Earlier this week we found out about a carwash going macabre for Halloween.

Quick and Easy Full Service Wash in Madison Heights is featuring scares like scary décor and the odd werewolf jumping out to scare you.

Manager Shawn Guilmette told The Detroit News he “started off with just a couple things, a few lights here and there and everybody liked it, so” he “just kept going.”

“A lot of people like it, but there are a few that don’t… We had one customer who got so scared she almost landed in the passenger seat, but she still comes back.”

Management says the car wash will stay haunted for a week or so after Halloween.

In addition to the decor and the masked workers, Quick and Easy offers a “Blood Bath Wax” in the form of a red-tinted wax that gushes onto the vehicles.

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