Google Places: Why its Important for Your Car Wash Business


google places for car wash business

Your car wash business is successful, thriving and definitely noticed by the community, but you’re missing something. You can boost your car wash marketing by building a profile on Google Places. By using this valuable online asset, your company will see a high volume of customers coming through your car wash, more than you ever thought possible.

How Google Places Works

Google Places allows businesses to build profiles giving location, daily hours, phone number and customer reviews. This profile shows up across Google searches on phones, laptops and tablets worldwide if a given client types in your name or location. Your business also shows up on Google Maps, where clients can see your location in reference to their home or current position, as well as Google Plus, the Google equivalent of Facebook. The Google Plus profile allows you to post deals, limited offers and emergency closings to keep your customers well-connected and part of a larger family.

Benefits of Creating a Google Places Profile

The ultimate benefit of creating a Google Places account is that you will be able to attest to your company’s credibility. Google will not create a description for your company based on customer reviews which can be affected by a simple negative attitude. Instead, you attest to your own company’s car washing style, pricing and ease of access.

Free Alternative to Websites

It’s also an easy and free alternative to creating a website. Many car wash companies don’t see the purpose of building a website for their organization, therefore a Google Places account is a free, manageable way to keep clients up to date on offerings without paying monthly fees for website maintenance.

Describes Your Services With Images

Google Places allows businesses and even clients to post images of services occurring, prices and even before and after photos to the company page. These images attest to your business’s aforementioned credibility and gives potential clients a chance to view your resources before arriving in person. Adding images to your Google Places page allows visitors to not only feel more comfortable with what they are paying for, but gives them a sense of powerful knowledge about your company’s methodical practices and keen efforts to offer great service.

Clients Attest to Services

When you don’t have a website, it becomes more difficult for car wash marketing to seem relevant and for potential clients to understand the perks of your services. With a Google Places account, past clients will attest to your company’s expertise, ease of use and access, and encouragement. Other clients will see these positive reviews (which you are able to manage) and are thus more likely to visit your car wash having heard of the excellent service.

Marketing your car wash business is as simple as you need it to be with Google Places. Simply visit Google Places, create an account with your company’s information, and you’re finished. Visit Google Places regularly for reviews and to update your content, as it is not a self-sustaining web page. The more information you add, the more likely it is clients will have their questions answered and be comfortable visiting your location.

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