Go Beyond Car Wash Loyalty Cards to Get Repeat Customers


Long Live Loyalty
How to go beyond your loyalty program to create repeat customers

Loyalty. We all want it, but few of us know how to get it, and with a busy business to run, doing something about it is often like a fleeting cloud. We soon forget about it after it’s floated by.

Not only are marketing campaigns expensive, it can cost five times as much to acquire a new customer than to retain a current customer. To increase your repeat customer base, it’s all about getting creative and using your existing customers to drive new business. In fact, research shows that over 80% of consumers trust the recommendations of friends.  More than just a clean car, there’s lots of other ways to create loyal customers that keep coming back. Let’s look a few.

Communication is key

Connect with your customers at the store level and create and maintain those relationships. There’s nothing more powerful than greeting someone by name, and getting to know your customer over time is a great advantage.

Know that each of your customers wants quality service that is easy to navigate. Understand their likes and dislikes, and what kind of experience you need to deliver to facilitate a return visit.

Create a consistent experience

It’s about more than just the car wash. You can help create a consistent experience in many ways. First, make sure your systems are running optimally and that your staff are reliable. This way, you’ll have a strong front line to help man customer service, and reliable machinery that will get the job done right every time. Customers like the predictability of knowing who they’ll interact with, how long it will take and what result they can expect. Without a good system and good people by your side, it’s impossible to deliver a quality wash experience that’s consistent.

Keep connected

Sending out coupons and incentives via email is a great first step, but with today’s technology, you can stay in contact with your customers even after they’ve left the shop. Use social media to let customers know about new wash programs, equipment and other exciting new happenings. It’s also a great way to get a little personal and let your customers get to know you. Post about your latest charity event, create staff profiles and post your busy day in progress. Keeping content personal and relevant is a great way to connect and keep customers coming back.

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