Get Social: How to Use Social Media to Drive Sales


Selfie style

For some, it’s all about the selfie. While you don’t have to strike a pose outside the car wash lane to get noticed, great photos can attract attention. Instead of snapping a pic of your latest promotional poster, snap a shot in front of a clean, shiny car as a way to help announce your latest promo. Use the power of video to zero in on your car wash benefits: Your new wash brushes, cool colored foam. Providing a visual adds impact.

Information station

Keep the information rolling online. Start with posting promotions to gain interest and followers, and make sure you post the information on every platform you’re using (Instagram, Twitter, etc.). Once you develop a loyal following, you can gradually include informational posts, short snippets on ‘how-to’ or best practices to help deepen the connection with your customers.

Keep it light

Social media is supposed to be fun! Keep the tone light and informative. When choosing someone to manage your social media accounts, try to stick to the same person so that the tone and messaging is consistent. This will help build trust and rapport with your followers.

Expand your reach

Encourage followers to like, comment and share when you launch a promotion. Offer an incentive, like an entry to win a free wash if they pass it on.


Ready to get social? Remember, great photos, punchy colors, dynamic videos and easy to read text will attract will help attract attention. We’re here to help you make the most of your car wash, inside and out. Connect with us today.