How to get maximum impact when business revs up or slows down


Part of running a successful car wash is anticipating what you’ll need before you need it, so that you can remain active in your business instead of reactive. Here’s some tips that will get you through slow seasons and ramp you up for when business is booming.

Market your car wash with social media
Does your business have a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account? It should.
Why do you need a business profile on a social networking site? They’re a valuable tool to reach your customers. If you’re not connecting with them on social media, you’re missing out. It’s a great way to promote seasonal specials during slow periods, and to boost sales to keep them coming back during busy times. It also helps build credibility with your customers so that when they are ready to hit the car wash, you’ll be the one they turn to.

Let’s work together
Cross-training your employees optimizes the productivity of your car wash. Not only does it better expose your team to all the inner workings of your business, it fosters a better understanding and encourages learning and growth. It also allows employees to stay busy during slow times, but also jump in and help where most needed during peak times.

Maintain it
Take a proactive approach with preventative maintenance. Avoid downtime during your busy periods! During the slower season, take the time to service your property and equipment so that you can maximize profits during the rush. Do you have a plan for winter weather? Make one. It would be unfortunate to have customers drive by because your driveway remains unplowed or your doors are frozen shut.

Create a contest
People love winning free things. Your customers are no exception. Contests are a great way to boost business or give customers that value-add when things are busy.
There’s no limit to the kinds of contests you can run. You can hold a contest on social media – who can come up with the best caption for this picture? Or, it can be a random drawing – a customer’s comment could win them a prize.

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