Free Vacuums- Do They Up The Service Ante or Suck Up Profits?


Free self-service central vacuums have become increasingly popular in recent years, but are they a money drain or a potential opportunity for more revenue?

The Law of Attrition

Free vacuum stalls with your company logo and colors cause passersby to stop and take notice of your wash site, even as they are simply driving by. Plus, the busier your site is the more buy-in you have from potential customers, as ‘busy’ often builds credibility. More visibility leads to more customers and more revenue.

Lowers Operating Costs

Instead of a dozen paid canister vacuums that operate independently, one free central vacuum system equates to lower cumulative electrical bills and less overall maintenance.  Offering free vacuums also fosters repeat business, for a higher overall return.

It’s Not a Race

With paid vacuums, customers often feel like they’re running a race to the finish line, which can be stressful. Worse, if the paid vacuum is not functioning correctly, offers poor suction or fails to do the job expected, customers will drive away unsatisfied knowing they paid for the service.

What if it’s Just a Free Lunch?

It might seem unfair that customers repeatedly drive onto the lot to use the free vacuum without paying for a wash. But the potential customer is still a customer. Eventually, the customer is going to need a car wash, and a good experience outside the bay may just be enough to translate into a good experience inside as well.

It’s all About the Experience

The vacuum is the cherry on top. It’s an extension of the car wash experience, from quality car wash to the perfect finishing touch. A happy customer is a return customer, which translates to an increase in income.

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