CleanTouch foaming wax conditioners are high foaming, color intense and offer a unique free-rinsing technology to ensure no left over residue. Bring value to your customer and deliver increased profits to your bottom line. This is the common goal all professional car wash owners share. Our new super foaming wax product offering coupled with our unique foaming wax arch is the solution to your goal.

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Foaming WaxDescriptionFeaturesCompatibility
Red, Blue & Yellow WaxCleanTouch foaming wax conditioners are designed as high foaming products, yet dissipate instantly when rinsed with water to ensure no residual product remains after the wash is complete. This product offering can be utilized in all selfserve, in-bay and conveyor applications. Their superior formulation utilizes a high color intensity non-staining dye and a unique free-rinsing technology.• Highly concentrated
• Promotes beading of excess water on vehicle surface
• Aids in rinsing and drying of vehicle surface
• Cherry scented
• Free rinsing foam technology
All wash types
Orange Shine is a super foaming wax concentrate for use in all types of extra service foaming wax arches. It provides a vivid orange foam and brings a true shine-enhancing
quality to the surface of the vehicle after application. It is recommended for use in both the CleanTouch foaming wax arch and all competitive product foaming wax arches. Red or yellow directional lighting provides the best product illumination.
• High foaming
• Non-staining orange dye
• Cherry scented
• Specialty application arch package available
For use in foaming wax arches