Our high-foaming detergents are highly concentrated, neutral based lubricants that come in a variety of non-staining colors and scents for maximum customer appeal.

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Neutral Foaming DetergentsDescriptionFeaturesCompatibility
ACTIONSHINE DetergentHighly concentrated neutral based lubrication detergent
for use in all types of car wash equipment. Its highly
concentrated formula provides the lowest cost per application
of any of our neutral foaming detergents and it is hard water
• High foaming
• Hard-water resistant
• Ultra concentrated - effective dilution ratios beyond 800:1
Friction and self-serve washes
White Foam DetergentVery cost efficient neutral based detergent that provides
superior lubricity in both friction and self-serve car wash
applications. Aids in the removal of all particulates on the
vehicle surface while greatly reducing or removing the squeak
and cling of unlubricated wash material in a friction tunnel
• High foaming
• Hard-water resistant
• Superior lubrication
Friction and self-serve washes
Tri-Foam Color DetergentsOur highly concentrated colored detergents utilize some of
the most high color intensity, non-staining dyes in the market
today. These products provide superior lubrication while
providing a highly vivid and colored foam show for maximum
customer appeal.
• High foaming
• Vivid red, blue, or yellow foam show
• Hard-water resistant
• Bubble gum scented
Friction and self-serve washes
Fleet FoamA very cost efficient neutral pH detergent that provides
superior lubricity in friction and self-serve applications. Due
to its lower foaming properties, Fleet Foam works well in
reclaim environments if foam build-up is an issue. Designed
to provide maximum lubricity for all styles of wash material,
including closed cell foam and poly-filament material.
• Reclaim friendly-lower foam build-up
• Hard-water resistant
• Excellent lubrication
Friction and self-serve washes
Fleet DuoFleet Duo is a carnauba infused Wash & Wax product that
provides superior lubrication and shine. This easy-to-rinse
formula promotes sheeting of water on the vehicle surface
to help minimize residual spotting on the vehicle surface.
Fleet Duo will not cause excessive foam build-up in reclaim
Where to use:
Fleet Duo is a stand-alone product, and is injected into the
wash water of drive-thru car washes that do not use drying
agents/rinse aid applications. A final rinse using fresh or spot
free water is recommended.
Friction and self-serve washes
Low pH Foaming DetergentsDescriptionFeaturesCompatibility
Low pH White Foam DetergentThis high-foaming, bubble-gum scented low pH detergent
provides superior lubricity in all foaming applications. It also
works well as a non-foaming lubrication additive to all brush
and mitter cloth rinse nozzles. It is recommended for use in all
friction and self-serve wash applications.
• Hard water compatible
• Aids in keeping wash material clean
• Assists in neutralizing residual alkalinity
Friction and self-serve washes

Colored Low pH Detergent
Super Suds low pH detergents are highly concentrated,
vivid color intensity non-staining dye formulations utilized to
provide superior lubricity in friction wash environments. These
products are also highly effective when used in self-serve
foam brush applications.
• High foaming
• Vivid red, blue, or yellow foam show
• Hard water compatible
• Bubble gum scented
Friction and self-serve washes