Fake Valet Smashes £80k Bentley into Carwash Wall


As the foremost provider of automatic carwash systems and carwash equipment, we like to give our clients advice. Our advice this time is simple: do NOT let this happen.

Earlier this week, a man posing as a valet for the Wash and Shine in Cheetham Hill, Manchester, England took a £80k Bentley for a joyride that ended when they crashed into a carwash wall.

Jessica Sawyer handed over the keys to her Bentley and left expecting the car to be cleaned, not totaled.  She burst into tears an hour later when she returned to learn her beloved Bentley had been driven through a brick wall.

“I just freaked out. I was so upset because it was my 30th birthday present from my mum and I only got it in December,” she told the UK’s Mirror.

Apparently, Jessica’s insurance will cover the £38,000 damage following the incident, but she’s afraid her insurance will skyrocket.

The Mirror also reported that last night a man claiming to be the new owner of the car wash said: “We only took over the business a month ago.”

Police in the area have said it is a civil matter.

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