ExpressLane Drive Through System: Why Your Car Dealership NEEDS One


car wash equipmentThe MacNeil ExpressLane Drive Through system is ideal for automotive dealers, fleet, and rental agencies that are seeking to integrate a vehicle wash center into their core operation.

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Drives CSI, Volumes and Revenues

The MacNeil ExpressLane Drive-Through system is ideal for automotive dealers, fleet operators and rental agencies seeking to integrate a vehicle wash center into the core operation – either as a value-added service or profit center. Requiring minimal space and no complex plumbing or electrical work, the ExpressLane Drive-Through system helps drive traffic to your location, boosting customer satisfaction and bottom-line revenues. And like every customized MacNeil solution, the ExpressLane Drive-Through system ensures a superior clean with maximum throughput and uptime, thanks to high-quality, low maintenance components.

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The ExpressLane Wash. Designed for Car Dealerships and Mini Express Sites. It’s compact design allows maximum cleaning quality in a short tunnel space.

At MacNeil wash systems we have spent more than 22 years positioning ourselves as the leader in conveyorized systems and components for the carwash industry. Today we’re pleased to bring this capability to the automotive market in the form of the express lane conveyor system.

Our vehicle wash systems are recognized around the globe for unsurpassed quality which translates into many distinct bottom-line advantages including increased volume, reduced labor, and maximum uptime.

The ExpressLane conveyor system offers all these advantages, in a package that’s tailored to the specific needs of automotive dealers, fleet operators, and rental agencies.

The express lane conveyor system insures a superior clean thanks to high quality, low maintenance components, and it has a number of advantages.

  • It’s ideally suited for high-volume sites requiring maximum throughput.
  • Higher line speeds contribute to profitability without sacrificing performance or vehicle protection.
  • Automated technology and time-saving features decrease or eliminate Brakpan finish work.
  • Superior design components lower operating labor and maintenance costs and boost profitability.

The revolutionary Top Brush provides superior wash results over other systems.

Macneil products are engineered to provide superior cleaning performance, increase production, and equipment longevity, and are backed by our focus on service excellence. We distribute and support our products throughout our North American network to of factory-trained distributors that is second to none in capability and performance.

Integrating a car wash system into your dealership operation present significant opportunities.

“It’s all about performance, production and profit.


MacNeil car wash systems manufactures the highest quality car wash equipment for the tunnel car wash industry and for the automotive dealer, fleet and rental markets. Their products are engineered to provide superior cleaning performance, reduced maintenance, increased production, maximum cost savings, and equipment longevity. Whether you’re in the market for a mini-tunnel, 150-foot full service, or individual wash components, MacNeil’s products are fully customizable to meet the needs of your site and to maximize the return on your investment. Read on to discover some of the features found in the Full Tunnel, Mini-Tunnel, and Fleet Wash Segments.


MacNeil Car Wash equipment is designed to provide operators complete customization and flexibility in the layout of their tunnel equipment.”

Anything Car Wash, Kissimmee, Florida

“A MacNeil ExpressLane system has the potential to significantly increase your Customer Satisfaction Index – and ultimately revenues – by enhancing your service and sales offering and driving traffic to your site.  ExpressLane systems increase wash volumes and decrease labor costs, offering the potential to grow far beyond a competitive price of entry to a significant profit center.  Revenue-generating opportunities include offering annual and life of the vehicle wash packages as part of the sales contract and adding monthly payment options.”

Advance Car Wash Systems, Marietta, Georgia

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