The Environmental Benefits of Professional Carwashes


car washWhile many consumers think that washing their cars at home uses less water than a professional car wash, they are mistaken. Washing one’s vehicle at home actually uses much more water and the water is disposed in a particularly harmful manner. There are numerous other environmental benefits to professional car washes that everyone should be aware of. Let’s take a look at some of the most meaningful advantages to having your vehicle washed at a professional car wash instead of in your driveway.

The Proper Disposal of Water

When a vehicle is washed at a professional car wash, the water used to clean the vehicle doesn’t flow into storm drains and negatively impact our surrounding environment. Instead, it is filtered, cleaned and treated for future use. Considering the number of chemicals used, it is better to have your car washed at a professional car wash as opposed to washing it on your driveway.

The way that a car wash service carefully recycles and disposes of its water is a stark contrast to the manner in which individuals dispose of water they use to wash their cars.  Drivers who clean their vehicles at home with chemical laden soaps will inevitably rinse these chemicals right into the surrounding storm drains, ground water and lawns. While this is quite convenient from the car washer’s point of view, it is terrible for the environment.

Less Water is Used at A Professional Car Wash

Aside from protecting our water supply by reclaiming water for future washes, professional car washes also employ other environmentally friendly tactics. There is a strong focus on preserving as much water as possible. Studies have shown that an automobile owner who cleans his car at home with a 5/8” hose that runs 50 pounds per square inch will use 10 gallons of water in a single minute. All it typically takes for a professional car wash to clean a vehicle is 7.9 gallons of water as its average flow rate is a miniscule 3 gallons per minute.

Professional Car Washes Have High Tech Equipment

Professional car washes use water treatment facilities or state approved drainage facilities that are designed to protect our environment. This technology was engineered to recycle water over and over again while maintaining its integrity for numerous car cleanings. Any non-useable final waste water goes to the sewer for treatment and processing before being released in the proper manner back into the environment. Professional car washes also make use of high tech computer controls to minimize the waste of water during the actual cleaning process. They’ve installed high pressure pumps and nozzles that use a fraction of the water that an individual uses when washing his car at home.