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Want to save money on larger repair fees versus ongoing maintenance costs? You’ll want to download a copy of our recommended MacNeil Car Wash Maintenance Checklist.

Download, save, copy, share, and print as many copies as you need. You can actively participate in reducing regular maintenance costs and eliminate unexpected repairs.

You may want to customize this checklist to add other areas of your business. To ensure the MacNeil systems last, you’ll want to make a commitment to maintaining the health of the mechanical systems. Our guide will help through frequent inspections and minor adjustments.

Parts can be ordered easily on our website. When you’re performing the maintenance checklist regularly, you may discover you can predict your needs for bulk purchasing. This reduces ongoing maintenance costs.

Empowering Everyone

Consider implementing a “task force” of staff members to be responsible for maintenance monitoring.

Ensure you have enough people on staff experienced and trained with maintenance checklists and protocols. That way, regardless of scheduling, you’ll always know you staff is embracing the maintenance.

1. Consistent, ongoing monitoring and maintenance is critical for the health and success of your car wash business.

2. Parts that are moving, powered, or have anything flow through them are likely to deteriorate more quickly, especially at joints and points of adjustment.

Get Your Employees Involved

To keep your staff engaged, find or hide a set of “test” results – like a treasure hunt – for scoring. Reward the “eagle eye” employees who identify potential areas of increasing problems.

Small, like a choice of task they can delegate for a week, or a free sandwich at lunch. Don’t make the rewards too big or valuable – you don’t want to incentivize broken equipment!

Each month, make the maintenance checklist activity happen on the same day and assign THREE staff to go through it together that month.

Essentially, you have one person responsible for doing the maintenance checklist for the month. One person keeping an eye on the first person’s work. The third person is learning the ropes to take the responsibility in an upcoming month.

Make It A Judgement Free Process

Staff may be reluctant to participate because they harbour concerns over their own qualifications. They may doubt their ability to fix the problems identified through the checklist.

Or they could be concerned that managers and owners will get upset over maintenance issues that cost money to fix.

Maintenance of mechanical systems can feel a little like a required gamble in business. We do our maintenance checklists and hold our breath hoping there won’t be any real issues uncovered, and certainly not a nightmare that could ruin our week!

Help your staff feel empowered to identify “problems.” it’s important to communicate clearly: “Do not make any repairs or adjustments unless properly trained & qualified!”

How Geography Affects the Need for Maintenance

Where you’re located in North America can dramatically impact your need for frequent maintenance checks.

Northern regions with a lot of snow, and salt used to keep the roads safe are unique. Areas with a lot of sun and dry heat or extreme cold and exposure to the elements, can impact various systems.

How Maintenance Affects Your Customers

Obviously any brushes or sponges that touch the exterior of customer vehicles have to be kept pristine and free of any debris that could scratch paint or other finishes.

In the same way it’s important to ensure any hoses, tanks, and nozzles are free of dirt and blockages. This helps avoid situations that could potentially damage a customer’s vehicle.

The worst case scenario is a system isn’t maintained properly and damages a customer’s paint finish.. along with your business’ reputation in the process.

Keeping The Paper Trail

Filing away monthly reports and checklists with staff written notes can become important in the future. This is helpful when you’re re-negotiating the terms of your business asset insurance coverage.
From a business standpoint, it makes perfect sense. Create a step-by-step process that eliminates uncertainty, questions, and opinions. Focus on a specified order, that are the same every time, so that oddities stand out.

This is just one of the many product maintenance checklists we provide MacNeil clients. You’re always getting the best business value from your MacNeil investment!

About the author: Debbie Horovitch is a 20-year advertising media veteran and SEO content producer currently working on her 1st book and training program for marketers using YouTube and Google+ Hangouts on Air, Celebrity Hangouts on Air. Debbie has been working with automotive and aftermarket marketing professionals and media, since 1996.

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