“MacNeil has helped us produce the most impressive
looking vehicles in the area, all processed through our
bright, sparkling tunnel which offers a very positive feel.”


Visit Xtreme Auto Spa of Southside, Alabama and you’ll find that speed, efficiency, and quality are the focus. A formidable presence on social media, Xtreme Auto Spa has seen its best return by far online. Free and discounted washes for Facebook “likes” has helped drive customers to their Facebook page, website and ultimately to their multiple locations. The affordability and convenience of items like the monthly passes are responsible for solidifying repeat customers and loyalty.

Owner Garry Wigington admits that his journey into the industry was partly based on intrigue. In 2011, Garry owned two commercial properties and was looking for a business venture that could put them to use. He visited a friend in the car wash business and was hooked immediately. After that trip, he built the first site in Anniston, followed by one in Jacksonville and most recently the Southside car wash.



The Southside location boasts an impressive express tunnel which is key in providing speedy service for patrons. “Quality and efficiency are essential, but speed is non-negotiable for customers. The world moves fast and people expect the best service quickly,” explains Wigington.

The large one-acre Southside property is an ideal spot with wide space for vacuums, plenty of room for customers to navigate around, and the ability to build on to the business in the future when necessary. Additionally, Southside has an excellent school system, continuous traffic flow, and thriving businesses. “Our closest competitor is two miles away and we fill several needs that they don’t accommodate. On our first day, we achieved over 300 washes!”


Wigington admits his path to using MacNeil equipment, service, and chemicals was not a direct one. In fact, his first car wash was outfitted with competitor products. Upon discovering the MacNeil distributorship in Anniston, Wigington decided to try MacNeil for his second location and the rest was history. “I noticed a huge difference in the quality and durability of the MacNeil equipment. Customers were even providing unsolicited feedback about their positive experiences,” he explains. Many patrons commented on the smoothness and quality of the equipment. In addition, their use of CleanTouch chemicals provides the best results and cleanest vehicles. “MacNeil has helped us produce the most impressive looking vehicles in the area, all processed through our bright, sparkling tunnel which offers a very positive feel.”



Management and staff training are integral to creating a highly effective car wash. At Xtreme Auto Spa, managers completed the College of Clean curriculum, a unique and effective program created by National Carwash Solutions (NCS). The College of Clean (COC) provides real-world training on key aspects of the car wash industry, emphasizing the most essential concepts in equipment operation and methods of running a gold-standard level car wash. “It’s been invaluable to us. You’re getting educated on how to run your business when you go with MacNeil.” says Wigington.


Wigington has ambitious plans for the future with his sights set on expanding the business to as many as six locations. Listening to customers, providing a highly expedient wash, and ensuring excellent equipment functionality are some primary drivers that Xtreme Auto Spa has mastered. With these value propositions in place, continuing to replicate this success at new sites is now the plan. “Our model is perfect for smaller towns and any car wash owner should focus on the best locations for what their business is best at. Follow the successful car washes and notice their ability to pick areas according to traffic count, income demographics, school districts, and local businesses.” The future looks bright for Xtreme Auto Spa and its future locations!