How to Drive More Leads to Your Car Wash Business with CRO


car wash website croCRO stands for “conversion rate optimization,” and all it really means is that when people visit your website, they do what you want them to do — give you their contact information so that you can entice them to become customers.

How do you drive more leads to your car wash business with CRO?

What that means for you is that you want those people to stop by and get their cars washed — but first, you must convert website visitors to customers, by:

Carefully Constructing Your Landing Page

Keep it simple. Your landing page should serve one purpose – to gather your customers’ information and get them on your mailing list, newsletter list, etc. Your landing page should include form fields for visitor contact information such as name and email address so that visitors can subscribe to your blog feed or newsletter, and perhaps cell phone number so that you can send text messages with special offers.

Making the Headline Attention Grabbing – Put Something of Value in it for Customers

Your headline should grab visitors’ attention. It should entice without being too hard-hitting. Customers today are savvy, and if you go overboard, you’ll simply turn them off. Something like, “Get 25% off your next car wash when you subscribe” gives visitors what they want – and gets you a ready database of potential customers.

Using Simple Language

Keep it short and sweet. Many people will be reading your website on their mobile devices, so keep sentences brief – no longer than 5 to 10 words if possible.

Including a Simple, Urgent Call-to Action

At the bottom of the page or just after the landing page text, include a large, visible button with a call to action or CTA on it. The call to action is a simple phrase that denotes immediate action visitors should take, such as, “Subscribe today!” When visitors click on that button, they’re taken to another page to do the actual subscribing or other action.

Making your phone number, e-mail, and other contact information clearly visible

Conversion rate optimization only works when visitors can see who and where you are at a glance – and can contact you easily.

So, put your phone, email and other contact information, and your location (clearly marked) in various places on your website. At the very least, include everything (name, phone number, and location) on the first page of your website and in the “contact us” section of your website. On the landing page, it’s best just to include an email address for those who have questions.

Offer “FREE” Enticements Whenever Possible

Everybody loves to get something for free. If you can offer something for “free” when new customers come in to get their cars washed, such as a mug with your business name and contact information on it, you’ll attract a lot more customers. Customers always want to know what’s in it for them when they sign up with you – and you should give it to them.


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