Do Customers See All Car Wash Systems as the Same?



Anybody can wash their own car, but they go to a professional like you because you have car wash systems to give their vehicle a convenient, efficient wash.

That being said, not all car washes provide the same quality of service, and not all people understand this. This can drive car wash customers to the business with the lowest price, instead of the place that will give them what they need.

Below are 2 major points you need to express to help the average customer consider your business when they are comparing car wash options:

1.  Explain All Benefits Clearly

All car washes have different “levels” to their car wash system, but this doesn’t make them equal.

As a the Auto Blog discussed in a recent post, the typical car wash offers variations of three car wash options: “the basic wash; the better wash with ‘a special paint sealer’ and finally the pristine treatment with ‘rust inhibitor’.” When people see signs offering these things everywhere, they tend to assume that the exact same quality of service is being provided at each “level”. This is where you have to clarify why your car wash system offers superior service.

When a customer goes shopping for a new car wash system, they need to consider the following:

  • Environmental friendliness
  • Speed
  • The ability to provide a thorough, spot-free clean
  • Complete drying
  • Brushes that won’t damage customers’ cars

The more you can present these benefits clearly to the consumer, the more they’ll trust and choose your brand.

2.  Cheap Car Washes May Mean More Long Term Expense

The fact that low quality car wash systems will cost people money is implied when you explain that a better system is less likely to scratch their vehicles or leave behind abrasive salt and dirt. However, this does not mean that a customer will put things into this perspective. You must make sure that they understand that in the long run, opting for cheap car wash services will cost more.

Quality of a Car Wash System Becomes Your Reputation

A car wash is a business; the businesses that thrive do so on the back of a strong brand. How well your system is able to wash your car is a defining component of your brand, but you need to make sure that your customers understand this. To boost your company’s status, you need to show people that your car wash system offers superior services.

Ready to Switch to a Profitable Car Wash System?

An efficient car wash system will not only attract new customers but also keep existing customers. If you want to grow your car wash business, and set yourself apart from competitors, invest in efficient systems.

At MacNeil Car Wash Systems, our systems are able to help operators reduce costs and labor, while simultaneously increase volume and customize their washes with even more profit-driving add-ons like wheel cleaning and tire dressing.

Contact us today for more information about our car wash systems.

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