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We spend a lot of time talking about how our equipment is the best in the industry, but this is our chance to shine the spotlight on our phenomenal customers! These people have taken our equipment and worked hard to build up some incredible and impressive businesses. We are proud to have been a part of their journey. Read about their experiences and the highlights that come along with partnering with MacNeil in our monthly Customer Spotlight Series!

Wiggy Wash- Utah

Wiggy Wash partnered with MacNeil to build two new facilities over the past couple of years. In part, due to service quality, location and a fun atmosphere, the newest Wiggy Wash locations in Orem, Utah and Canyon Creek, Utah are thriving. The Orem wash opened in February, 2017, and boasts a double express that totals an impressive 408 feet of combined tunnel. It sits on a main highway artery with forty thousand cars a day buzzing by, and processes up to 2,000 cars per day! Click Below to read more!



Ducky’s Carwash- Bryan, Texas

David Borski, owner of Ducky’s Car Washes in Bryan, Texas, had a simple but effective approach – he built one very reliable self-service wash as a starting point to test his assumptions about the business. Borski was aware that among other things, drivers in this area of Texas dealt with two prominent issues—a bad bug season and numerous dirt roads. These external factors promoted a climate of success for the car washing industry in Texas. Click below to read about how David scaled success and built his business with future growth in mind!



Express Auto Wash- Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Matthew Jadali of Global Wash, an international MacNeil distributor, along with MacNeil and a team of over 100 professionals, spent the better part of two years  making the dream of a full-service car wash in the capital city of the United Arab Emirates a reality. This car wash is the pioneer of express tunnel car washing in Abu Dhabi – an area where long wait times and hand washing have been the norm until now. Click below to read about how Matthew’s fresh perspective brought an exciting new business to Abu Dhabi!



Wash Company- Middletown, New York

As a third generation car wash owner, Glen Sheeley has professional car washing in his blood. His interest was fueled at the young age of 12 while attending his first Car Wash Show with a family friend and fellow operator. While his parents were networking at the show, Glen saw MacNeil’s helix arch in operation for the first time and at that moment, one thing became clear: he had to incorporate MacNeil equipment in the family business. Read more about how Glen is carrying on his family legacy and using his partnership with MacNeil to reach a new level of success!



WOW Carwash- Nevada

Scott Wainwright’s entrance into the car wash business came out of necessity and intrigue. In 2007 Wainwright was running a successful development company, delivering a home a day at one point. However, as the US housing industry started to experience rapid declines in the residential sector, so too did the Central Valley area of California where his business was once thriving. A true business person, Wainwright turned his eye toward other industries. Click the button below to read about how Scott decided to start his own car washing business, and how that business is thriving today!



Mjuk Biltvatt- Sweden

Sweden’s largest car wash company, Mjuk Biltvatt is no stranger to generating positive buzz. Since it’s founding in 1997, three of its six locations were awarded official “Certified Environmental” status as being leaders in the sustainability movement in the Gothenburg area. In addition, all six locations move an astounding 250,000 vehicles through their washes annually. Fast-forward to present-day 2018 and owner, Henrik Kronlid prepares for the construction of two new washes in Malmö and Stockholm with one thing in mind—repeating the recipe for success that’s worked so well over the past twenty years.



SpeedWash- Langley, British Columbia

To take his car wash to the next level, Raj Adami, President and CEO of the Adami Group, focused on three principles: SPEED, QUALITY, and PRICE. He wanted his tunnel to wash a high volume of cars quickly without sacrificing wash quality so he purchased MacNeil’s full equipment package which allows him to wash 116 cars per hour. Read Raj’s Customer Spotlight and learn about how prioritizing quality has paid off!




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